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Entry #14

A fresh start

2009-11-30 17:50:53 by Rayfram3

It's been a long time. I've all gived up on flash, since I really doesn't have time it with all the school work. However, I've still been improving in music, and when I look back at my submissions to the Audio Portal, I realized how much they sucked. I am almost ashamed, but no more.
This is my fresh start.

I've deleted every song I submitted to the portal (11) and will post brand new, and REALLY improved versions and songs. This time I've got some of my own songs too, and not just covers. I have no idea how often I will post songs, since I don't really know when I write music, that's when I don't have school jobs and really feel like writing.

I really hope you enjoy my new improved songs!


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