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A fresh start

2009-11-30 17:50:53 by Rayfram3

It's been a long time. I've all gived up on flash, since I really doesn't have time it with all the school work. However, I've still been improving in music, and when I look back at my submissions to the Audio Portal, I realized how much they sucked. I am almost ashamed, but no more.
This is my fresh start.

I've deleted every song I submitted to the portal (11) and will post brand new, and REALLY improved versions and songs. This time I've got some of my own songs too, and not just covers. I have no idea how often I will post songs, since I don't really know when I write music, that's when I don't have school jobs and really feel like writing.

I really hope you enjoy my new improved songs!

At long last... A new computer.

2009-08-10 18:41:57 by Rayfram3

YES. IT'S FINALLY HERE. My brand new computer, and I'm not kidding people, this baby handles EVERYTHING. 2.6 Ghz, Quad Core, 6 GB RAM, and the most expensive, most kickass graphics card avalible on the whole swedish market. I can with certenty say that my computer can deal with any computer game, on the highest graphics, without the teensiest little lag. It's worked so far, with Fallout 3, Dark Messiah, Prototype, Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, just to mention a few. Right now, things are looking sweeeeet, I recommend you all get a overkill computer as fast as you can. Oh, and by the way, my computer cost me about 1,074 Euro. That's roughly 1,519 US dollars. Not to shabby, ey? Just remember, DON'T buy a computer that has already been built, you need someone that knows what they're doing to pick out parts, and build it together. You get a 2-3 times better computer if you buy it in parts, than already built.

Now to the good part (who am I kidding, there are only good parts), I will finally be able to start producing music and flash again. It's been a while, so I hope I can still nail it pretty good. But with school coming up, it's gonna take a while. I actually doubt anybody is following my posts, but what the hell, it's midnight, I'm bored, and I need to take a break from Penumbra (horror game).

Hope you all out there; newgrounders or not, have a great day/night, and get a overkill computer like mine! ;D

Nothing new here...

2009-05-17 15:05:06 by Rayfram3

I am currently saving up for a new computer instead of sitting by my lousy laptop, and have decided to stop making music until I get it, in order to avoid moving my music stuff around, and to get more VST's. However, I have more flash ideas than I can create, as well as planned collabs, we'll just see how they turn out.

Good Ol' Newgrounds.

2009-04-02 14:09:58 by Rayfram3

Yesterdays little joke is over, and I gotta say, it was a LITTLE overdone in my point of view, but you gotta say it was well done. Way to go Tom!

Anyway, I've gotten back on tracks with music and flash. My latest cover, and actually my best creation yet, can be found here: /226227
It's Dire Dire Docks from the classic Super Mario 64. You gotta love that song.
When it comes to flash, I've almost finished another flash, that just need some polishing, but I'll keep it a secret until it's released. (not that many cares) Oh, and you'll probably see one or two collabs in a not-so-distant future! ;)

New songs from FL Studio

2009-02-14 10:51:58 by Rayfram3

I got FL Studio 8! After the hours I spent trying to learn how it works, I made two songs; or rather, to better versions of my earlier songs.
A trance mix of Song Of Time /212214
and a Dance mix of Ice Cap Zone /212584

Be sure to check them out, vote, and leave tips!

New songs from FL Studio

Ice Cap and plans...

2009-02-08 08:00:31 by Rayfram3

Last night I made a simple remix of Ice Cap Zone. You gotta love the song. You'll find it here: /210985

I also got some plans for flash in the future. I'm going to make a serie of parodys from Splinter Cell. I got supriced from how few Splinter Cell flashes existing here on newgrounds. I've already started the work, but since it's only my second big project, it might take a while. Be sure to look for it!

New stuff rolling in!

2009-01-19 15:57:00 by Rayfram3

So with my first flash movie up and passed judgement I got the idea to make my first simple flash game. They are both uploaded for you to check out. I'm just so supriced with my first video's score, it turned out greater than I'd believed it would. Thank you newgrounds!

The new song's up!

2008-12-29 07:53:44 by Rayfram3

I just found one of my songs on my cellphone, so I have uploaded it. HOWEVER! It's a remix I made, so you might not like the orginal better. I figured, since I won't be able to get the orginal songs in a good while, I uploaded this meanwhile. Go check it out, and tell me what you think! /198834

Merry Christmas!!

2008-12-24 04:17:18 by Rayfram3

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy holiday. Alas, I have bad news when it comes to my work. My computer crashed not long ago. However, I had a backup on my songs, but they are in Guitar Pro format, which mean I have to get Guitar Pro back before I can upload any more songs... Sorry about that. Not much of an christmas present, eh? Anyway, have a great holiday!

Who reads these anyway?

2008-12-20 17:12:11 by Rayfram3

Finally, I sucessfully removed my Garbage Whistle. I'm sorry to say that my songs will be delayed (not that anybody care and probably nobody is reading this anyway) since my computer is kinda messed up right now. I have a lame MIDI file of them, but I still don't have a converter, so that's that. The truth is that I easiely could get the songs ready but... meh. Who cares?